PhotoBoothThing does it differently...

Photographers document and observe.
PhotoBoothThings are about obtaining something creative and free.

An interesting psychological phenomenon occurs with a photo booth: the creative control for making a great photo transfers from the photographer to the subject…(YOU!) One of the things we love most about photo booths is that otherwise respectable and composed people will drop all pretense and make silly faces and memorable poses. There is no other way to capture this magic.

All of us at Photo Booth Thing have an appreciation for photographic artistry and we are not looking to replace your special event photographer. However, having a Photo Booth Thing creates something entirely unique and irreplaceable. We hope you decide to invite us to your next event!

Our Photo Booth Thing attendants (usually Lukas & Amy) LOVE to get the best out of your guests with some creative direction if necessary, but for the most part, it’s up to you an your guests, (and PROPS if you’d like that add-on to be a part of the experience.)